Upstream Academy’s BestPractices 2017 Conference October 26, 2017

beBetter: Creating a Culture of Innovation
BestPractices 2017 Conference
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
Chicago, IL

HORNE’s executive partner Joey Havens will present beBetter: Creating a Culture of Innovation at Upstream Academy’s BestPractices 2017 Conference.

Promoting innovation as a core value won’t get you there. For your firm to consistently and successfully adapt to ongoing changes and take advantage of evolving opportunities, everyone must feel encouraged, empowered—and maybe even compelled—to innovate. But how do you ensure everyone is consistently looking for ways to improve the firm and address new issues in the marketplace? Join Joey as he discusses how to take “paper changes” and turn them into “mindset changes.” He’ll share his practical experience in promoting a "beBetter philosophy" and share principles for building a culture of innovation.

For more information about beBetter: Creating a Culture of Innovation, contact executive partner Joey Havens at [email protected].

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