Proactive tax accounting keeps you informed, prepared and ready for growth.

Tax rules get more complex every year. Identifying and seizing economic opportunities gets more difficult. Every decision you make impacts your tax situation. HORNE knows the vital impact that proactive tax planning has on your ability to sustain or scale your business, and on your peace of mind.

The HORNE Tax practice is built upon the commitment, knowledge and experience of a team of tax accounting professionals who take the time to understand every complex issue in your business. We help clients reach goals through comprehensive international, federal, state and local level tax counsel, industry-specialized tax services and related core accounting solutions.

Business Taxes

Proper oversight of your business tax situation is vital to helping your company to mitigate risk, improve the bottom line, and uncover vital insights important to planning and managing transactions.

Federal Tax Services

HORNE helps clients access and use federal tax law, IRS decisions and tax management strategies to make critical daily and strategic growth decisions.

State and Local Tax Services

HORNE state and local tax professionals help organizations increase revenue and implement smart growth strategies by applying solid, current knowledge of state and local filing obligations and exposure.