Accurate, timely valuation services are a key driver for sustainability and longevity.

Knowing the true market value of your business is one of the first steps in enhancing its value. Whether you are pursuing acquisition, gathering data to comply with industry or tax regulations, or seeking funding, your success begins with understanding your current value.

HORNE is recognized at a national level for a comprehensive approach and subject matter knowledge in valuations and compensation issues. Our seasoned, accredited team works in accordance with all applicable standards to provide valuation services based on particular aspects of your business, industry and market conditions.

Working within the organization and collaboratively with outside legal and financial teams, we produce carefully written, understandable reports that reflect the key issues.

Business Valuation

HORNE’s experienced, accredited valuation analysts help businesses manage complex valuation issues and economic challenges, both in litigation and non-litigation scenarios.


HORNE valuation professionals clarify executive compensation rules and fair market value financial arrangements within health systems, helping clients to avoid penalties and manage executive growth.

Healthcare Business Valuation

HORNE is a recognized leader in providing economic and business valuation analysis focused exclusively on the healthcare industry.