As a partner committed to your growth and compliance, HORNE provides focused compensation valuation resources.

HORNE is a respected source of valuation services and compensation advisory, particularly with healthcare and publicly traded organizations. The work we do in compensation valuation provides assurance about Fair Market Value (FMV) and keeps clients informed about important regulatory updates.

In healthcare, we are working to equip hospital systems to manage the significant rise in hospital/physician integration. We assist with physician incentive compensation plan design based on regulated and FMV payment structures. For publicly traded companies, HORNE ensures that performance-based executive compensation arrangements follow SEC committee structures and IRS distribution caps.

The HORNE valuation team monitors all regulations impacting compensation arrangements to keep you safe from severe penalties, and to help you manage executive growth trajectory.

Business Compensation Counsel

  • Board compensation
  • Compensation committee structure
  • IRS Revenue Ruling 2012-19
  • Litigation support
  • SEC Compensation Committee Rule
  • Stakeholder compensation

Healthcare Compensation Counsel

  • Clinical co-management
  • Community health needs assessments
  • Compensation planning, plan implementation and integration
  • Compliance and revenue cycle assessments
  • Due diligence
  • Global affiliation agreements
  • Group coverage
  • Internal fair market value compensation and electronic tools
  • Leases and joint ventures
  • Life sciences industries healthcare provider arrangements
  • Litigation support
  • Management service arrangements
  • Pay-for-performance
  • Personal service arrangements with physicians
  • Physician compensation system-wide fair market value studies
  • Physician employment
  • Physician recruitment
  • Specialized ad hoc surveys for clients
  • Under-arrangements terminations