Data Analytics & Management


The value of your data depends on what you do with it.


Today’s competitive advantage will go to the business that leverages its data. In fact, your data is one of your company’s most valuable assets. No matter your industry or size, you must capitalize on the insights your data can provide to stay agile and thrive in the new business landscape.

HORNE collaborates with you to help your business use data assets to achieve strategic objectives and proactively guide you to be future-ready.

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"Every business has something to learn from its data. We bring the right combination of technology and business acumen to unlock those insights and set you on the right path."

Are you ready to harness your company’s most valuable asset?

Before you can reap the benefits, it is important that your data house is in order. Are your systems up to date? How is your data being collected? Are your systems integrated? Better Data Management results in higher-quality data. The better your data, the better the results.

Good data management provides the foundation for successful data analysis. You will be empowered to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights to improve operations and impact growth. Today’s technology makes it possible to analyze data and get answers almost immediately.

Data Analytics uses technology to extract information and capture its value. We help clients unlock their data through a 5-step process: Define, Collect, Explore, Analyze and Communicate.

steps to data analytics

From there, we determine the right analytic approach needed to drive action and help you use the results to achieve strategic objectives and proactively guide your business to be future ready.

Do you want greater visibility into what is happening within your organization? Maybe you need to understand why something happened, or you’re ready to jump ahead and anticipate what will happen next? Or, do you want to create your future?

HORNE helps you look at business challenges through the lens of data analytics. Our team of experts will help you find the solutions you seek and figure out what to do with the results.

Transform Your Business Processes

Understanding your objectives will help determine what your business needs to achieve a holistic view and compete more effectively within the market. HORNE’s Data Analytics team can help you enhance marketing strategies, develop competitive advantages, open new revenue opportunities, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

Leverage the Right Technology

We use the latest data analytics methodology and technology to create new products that empower you to achieve your strategic objectives.

Understand Your Operations

HORNE helps you solve operational problems in quantitative ways. We develop statistically rigorous representations of real-world capabilities, while proposing alternative solutions, and providing the analytical consistency to aid decision-making. Our marriage of data science with traditional business analysis helps you move from a data-based to an outcomes-based mindset to drive operational success.

HORNE provides:
Data Management

  • Data environment modernization
  • Data gathering and integration strategy & processes
  • Data hosting

Data Analytics

  • Process and cost-efficiency improvements
  • Decision-making insights
  • Data-driven analysis to drive strategy and change
  • Financial performance monitoring and improvements