Technology innovation creates opportunity… and risk.

Clients rely on HORNE Cyber Solutions to safeguard their IT infrastructure, data and reputation.

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Address your organization’s IT security vulnerabilities before they become tomorrow’s headlines.

Cyber Solutions CirclesCybersecurity has quickly become one of the biggest risks in business today – making it a major issue for business owners, executives and boards of directors. From exposing sensitive data, interrupting operations, incurring financial expenses and legal penalties, as well as damaging customer loyalty, brand reputation and your personal good name, there is much at stake.

Keeping you protected requires a dedicated cybersecurity team working alongside your IT organization to expose and prioritize vulnerabilities. With over twelve years of cybersecurity experience, we identify risks, uncover vulnerabilities others may miss, and then guide you to determine the best next steps. Reducing your exposure to security threats allows you to confidently take advantage of new technology innovations and gain peace of mind.

The HORNE Cyber team delivers:

  • The hacker’s mentality, using advanced persistent threat emulation and reverse engineering to uncover vulnerabilities
  • A CPA’s disciplined approach to assess IT risk
  • Industry-specific knowledge of IT and business issues
  • Action-based, custom reports delivered in plain English
    • C-level executive overviews
    • Granular detail of vulnerabilities, implications and recommendations


HORNE Cyber ensures your IT organization maintains compliance across the range of regulatory-mandated assessments and audits.


HORNE Cyber monitors the cyber landscape to identify, assess and prioritize digital threats to your business with risk assessments, penetration testing, network vulnerability and information security program consulting.

Digital Forensics

In the event of a security breach, we offer incident response services to determine what happened, assess the impact and take actions to minimize future events. Our digital forensics team assists in data recovery, collects digital evidence, and investigates material on digital devices.

ERP Services

To ensure your next ERP system meets organizational objectives, HORNE Cyber provides pre- and post-implementation reviews to establish, document, and assess the system’s delivery.

IT Assurance

The HORNE Cyber team supports your IT organization with certified experts to conduct required IT audits and assessments. We proactively guide our clients through the complexities of IT evolution.

Strategic Advisory

HORNE Cyber provides IT planning and advisory services to help your organization maintain digital resilience while keeping pace with changing business demands.