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Internships at HORNE vary by style and design, but they all offer motivated, energetic students the opportunity to jump-start their journeys from classroom to career. As a HORNE intern, you’ll find people who will teach you, show you the way and guide you to explore your options and select a focus area to pursue. You’ll also meet and collaborate with peers, supervisors and partners, contributing and supporting clients along the way.

The expectations are high — but so are the potential rewards.


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HORNE Recruiting Team

A HORNE internship is an ideal opportunity for getting your first glimpse into the real world. The expectations are high — and so are the potential rewards.

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From our most tenured team members to our newest, HORNE's people are given every opportunity to lead.

HORNE's internships offer you the chance to go from classroom to career. We’ll help you to select a focus area and integrate you into the team. Right away, you’ll meet and collaborate with peers, supervisors and partners, contributing and supporting clients.

We know that only when our team members – interns included – reach their full potential can we as a firm reach ours. We choose every team member carefully, we trust our interns to contribute in a real, meaningful way, and we work for you as hard as you work for us.

Here’s how.

Meet Us in Person HORNE team members participate in college recruiting events across the South in August and September. Check with your career center to schedule an interview while we are on campus.

Apply Online If we won't be stopping in your area, you can apply online September 1-30. Details vary by school, so check with your career center.

The Full Potential College Program During this invitation-only leadership and development program held each summer, a select group of college juniors and seniors have an opportunity to experience the HORNE culture, and to meet with partners and team members.

Interns must be college juniors or seniors who have completed Intermediate I and Intermediate II Accounting courses. Those seeking post-internship, full-time employment at HORNE are preferred to be CPA eligible by desired start date.

If you have questions about the application process, contact us.