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Internships at HORNE vary by style and design, but they all offer motivated, energetic students the opportunity to jump-start their journeys from classroom to career. As a HORNE intern, you’ll find people who will teach you, show you the way and guide you to explore your options and select a focus area to pursue. You’ll also meet and collaborate with peers, supervisors and partners, while contributing and supporting clients along the way.

The expectations are high — but so are the potential rewards.

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Full Potential Leadership Program

This online leadership program targets college juniors. You’ll spend time with leadership from across the firm, learning leadership skills and gaining invaluable insights. Combine this with lots of collaboration and lots of fun, and you’re sure to find the experience to be engaging. We’ll encourage you to ask questions, build relationships and learn what it means to reach your full potential in a CPA-led business advisory firm. 

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Shadowing Program

We offer a formal shadowing program to college students in a variety of disciplines across the firm. Our goal is to give preview into life at a CPA-led firm. This is an application-based program which we run throughout the year. The program is customizable to a student’s area of interest and available in most HORNE office locations. To qualify, applicants must be actively enrolled in college-level coursework and pursuing a relevant degree of study.

Shadowing Program Apply Now

Wise Firm Internship

Targeting college sophomores and juniors, this two-week summer internship introduces you to the cultural elements of our Wise Firm, while providing critical skill building in classes like Thanks for the Feedback and Leading with Emotional Intelligence. We’ll introduce you to the client-facing work of public accounting and the various services we provide. You’ll shadow in various focus areas and collaborate with your fellow interns to complete a group research/problem-solving project. You will make a final presentation to a panel of partners and managers at the end of the program. Students completing this internship often receive invitations to complete our formal internship program or to join us for our Full Potential Leadership Program.

Formal Internship

Formal internships are a jump start for your career. At HORNE, they are real work—real clients, real stakes, real job offers on the line. We also meet the requirements of accredited universities and use this program to fill our own entry-level talent pipeline. Make sure we know you by taking advantage of our open office events and free e-learning classes which are publicized on our social media platforms throughout the year. Applications are accepted year-round, and the program runs January-March or May-July. On occasion, timelines for internships can be customized. Student must be a junior or senior, majoring in a field where HORNE serves clients (common degree paths include accounting, data analytics, business, finance, cybersecurity).

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A HORNE internship is an ideal opportunity for getting your first glimpse into the real world. The expectations are high — and so are the potential rewards.

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